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Get on track with online coaching

Time is important. Your time even more so. In times of home office and Netflix binge watching, it can be tough to find out what is really important in life. Use coaching to get structure in your life and help you move forward toward a greater vision.

All coaching sessions are offered in English, unless otherwise agreed.

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“I use Lifebook, which Bjarke is comfortable with, and he was quick to understand my issues, when I had 1 hour coaching over Skype. He gave good advice without suggesting any specific solution. He could explain the framework that Lifebook sets out, and told me about the benefits I should try to achieve and the fall groups I should try to avoid, so that I can find the specific solution that suits me best.”

Dorethe Petersen, Nutritional therapist

“During the first session with Bjarke, I realised that I hadn’t made any progress with my plans because they were too superficial and I was trying to do everything at once. Our mutual reflection helped me to see that I needed to break down my goals in order to move forward.”

Lavinia Knop-Walling, Self-employed


What is coaching anyway?

Coaching is a deep and reflective conversation, that inspires you to find the transformation that you need in your life. In my sessions, I use some models like the five levels of transformation and the OARS model. In my experience this makes the conversation more focused and effective.

Coaching is not therapy. We might go look at some life events and trapped feelings from the past, but it’s not the main focus. Coaching is also not consulting. I’m not implementing the work for you. I’m helping you to see what you must do and give you the needed motivation, so you’ll wake up and look forward to doing it yourself.

I’m living a pretty normal life, do I really need coaching?

I would argue that coaching is a good choice for most people. Some research suggests that up till 80% of all people are not in the place that they want to be. Have you ever had an idea that in the future I will do X, but then never get to it? Or that X is important, but I will start doing it tomorrow? If you’re like most people, coaching can give you the structure and clarity needed in order to propel you towards your vision, however big or small it might be.

How does online coaching differ from regular coaching?

I’ve been doing online sessions right from the beginning. Regularly you’d physically meet up for your session. This limits the flexibility of both you and the coach. You need to travel there and it’s not easy to do the sessions, if you’re suddenly somewhere else in the world. With the corona epidemic, some coaches are now switching to do their coaching sessions online. However, they’re not specialised in this channel of communication. I have invested all my energy in optimizing this form of coaching.

I’m still not sure coaching is right for me, how can I find out?

Well, there’s no loss in trying, right? For that reason my offer of an initial call with you is for free. If the chemistry isn’t right, or you for any reason feel this is not the right path, that’s it. You lost half an hour to an hour. However, you might also feel inspired and wanting to find out more. In that case, we’ll work together.

Are all coaching sessions in English?

Yes. Although, I’m not a native English speaker, I consider myself an expat. As part of the expat community I have a global outsight. I feel most confident in supporting not only local expats, but a growing global community. Don’t worry, my English proficiency is high.

What payment methods are accepted?

I accept paypal payments or wiretransfer. I’m constantly improving my business processes. Let me know, if you would like to see other payment methods added.

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About me

My name is Bjarke (pronounced Biar-ke, the ke is short). I’m working full-time as an online transformational coach. Inspiring people is my passion.

I grew up in Denmark, one of the Nordic countries. This is where my viking roots and most basic beliefs formed. For the last 6 years I’ve been living in Berlin (Germany) together with my beautiful wife. This is where I found out what I really want to achieve and still building the life I want.